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Veronika Macková

Mgr. Veronika Macková, Ph.D.  works as an academic researcher at The Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. She participates in the teaching of practical journalistic subjects, as well as The History of Czech sports journalism. Her research interests include sports journalism, audiovisual journalism, journalism of artificial intelligence and media coverage of the athletes with a disability. Since 2008 she has been working as a sports reporter in Czech Television.

At the Faculty of Social Sciences she participates in projects: TAČR (Transformation of ethical aspects with the advent of journalism of artificial intelligence), PROGRES 19 (Social-scientific aspects of human movement research II), Specific university research 2014-2021, is a member of the team of the Center of Artificial Intelligence Journalism and Academic Senate of Faculty of social sciences


MORAVEC, Václav, MACKOVÁ, Veronika, SIDO, Jakub, EKŠTEIN, Kamil (2020): The Robotic Reporter in the Czech News Agency: Automated Journalism and Augmentation in the Newsroom. Communication Today, vol. 11, No. 1.

Macková, Veronika – Turková, Kateřina: ‘I have won, and I share it’: The ways female skiers use Facebook as a communication tool.Communication Today, 2019, č. 10 (str. 94 – 109) ISSN 1338-130X.

Macková, Veronika: Disability is Still a Minority Topic An Interview with Daniel Jackson. Mediální studia, 2017, č. 2. (str. 189 – 196) ISSN 2464-4846.

Fialová, Marta – Macková, Veronika – Tejkalová Němcová, Alice: „Yes, I am a racist! So what?“ The incompetence of hegemonic discourse of the Czech media to reflect racism in sport. Studia Sportiva, 2016, ročník 10, č. 1. (str. 59 – 69) ISSN: 1802-7679.

Macková, Veronika – Trunečka, Ondřej: „You don’t have a leg, don’t worry, you can still be a star!“ Media image of cyclist Jiří Ježek. Communication Today, 2015, Vol. 6., č. 2. (str. 78 – 85) ISSN: 1338-130X.


E-mail: veronika.mackova@fsv.cuni.cz

Room: č. H111, Smetanovo nábřeží 6