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Jan Kodera

Ing. Jan Kodera graduated from the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) and has been working for Czech News Agency (ČTK) since 1984. He has been working on different position before becoming technical director of the agency in 1995 . 

He is an author of the Multimedia Content Management System (MRS), one of the most advanced concepts in the agency world. ČTK has been using it since 2006.  

In 2009 he won the European Press Agency Alliance Award (EANA) for his leadership in the development and implementation of MRS.  

In 2018, he led the team that build a successful system for automatically generated content for Senate and municipal elections. CTK reporting was automatically generated from the CZSO data thanks to pre-prepared templates.   

Simultaneously, Jan Kodera has been developing other agency‘s news automation projects.