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On this page we regularly inform about academic outputs dealing with AI journalism.

Newsmakers: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism

Francesco Marconi, Duben 2020

CASE STUDY: Trust, Transparency, and Ethics in Automated Journalism

Chloe Young a Scott R. Stroud, Ph.D., Duben 2020

The Robotic Reporter in The Czech News Agency: Automated Journalism and Augmentation in the Newsroom.

Václav Moravec, Veronika Macková, Jakub Sido, Kamil Ekštein, Březen 2020

Voice Control: How can new audio technologies build trust and engagement?

Ville Kinnunen, Únor 2020

Wall Street Journal Appoints Francesco Marconi R&D Chief and Head of Media Science Lab

Francesco Marconi, 2019

Acing the algorithmic beat, journalism’s next frontier

Francesco Marconi, 2019

Automating judgment? Algorithmic judgment, news knowledge, and journalistic professionalism

Matt Carlson, In: New Media & Society, 2018

Algorithms in the newsroom? News readers’ perceived credibility and selection of automated journalism

Wölker, A, Powell, TE., In Journalism, 2018

Libel by Algorithm? Automated Journalism and the Threat of Legal Liability

Lewis, SC, Sanders, AM, Carmody, C., In: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly2018.

Intrusion of software robots into journalism: The public’s and journalists’ perceptions of news written by algorithms and human journalists.

Jung, J, Song, H, Kim, Y., In: Computers in Human Behavior, 2017

Say the right thing right: Ethics issues in natural language generation systems

Smiley, C, et al., In Proceedings of the First ACL Workshop on Ethics in Natural Language Processing, April 4th, 2017.

Decades of automation in the newsroom

Linden, CG., In: Digital Journalism, 2017

When reporters get hands-on with robo-writing

Thurman, N, Dörr, K, Kunert, J., In: Digital Journalism, 2017

Readers’ perception of computer-generated news: Credibility, expertise, and readability

Andreas Graefe et al., In: Journalism, 2016

Newspaper companies’ determinants in adopting robot journalism

Kim, D, Kim, S, In: Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2016

Enter the robot journalist

Christer Clerwall, In: Journalism Practice, 2015

The Robotic Reporter: Automated journalism and the redefinition of labor, compositional forms, and journalistic authority

Matt Carlson, In: Digital Journalism, 2015

The robot journalist in the age of social physics: The end of human journalism? 

Latar, NL. In: The New World of Transitioned Media, 2015

The Emergence of Augmented Reality (AR) as a Storytelling Medium in Journalism

Pavlik, JV, Bridges, F., In: Journalism & Communication Monographs, 2013