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Filip Láb

Filip Láb, PhD, is an associated professor and the Head of Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Social Science, Charles University. He specializes in visual culture, visual communication, photojournalism. He is chairman of Scientific board of Media Studies, member of Scientific Board of Charles University. Is principal investigator of Worlds of Journalism Study research project for the Czech Republic (with Alice N. Tejkalová). Recently works on research of Czech photojournalism (with Sandra Štefaniková). Since 2011 is project leader of Czech version of international project European Journalism Observatory. He is guarantor of the Czech specialism and is teaching course Post-digital Photojournalism. 

Research and Bibliography

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Filip Láb


E-mail: filip.lab@fsv.cuni.cz

Telefon: 222 112 222

Místnost: č. H110, Smetanovo nábřeží 6