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Luboš Král

Lubos Kral received his degree at Czech Technical University in Prague in the field of Control Engineering and Robotics. He was working on projects connecting research and business products in the area of mission and life-critical systems and technology transfers for existing and newly created companies. Targeted to EU countries and USA, including business partnership with large producers of medical devices, telecommunication systems for airports, railways and navy, automotive and others. He is focusing on interconnection of research teams and application areas, mainly in informatics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


TG02010011 (2015 – 2019) – Support for commercial activities of ZČU.


Ecolead (2004-2008) – CERTICON 


Contract (2006-2009) – applied research: “Cross-Organizational Networked Business Applications”.



E-mail: kral@fel.cvut.cz